We defied the odds and got one in five sellers their asking price*
Insights Team, November 20, 2019
Insights TeamNovember 20, 2019
We defied the odds and got one in five sellers their asking price*

As you might have heard we sell homes 31% faster, and now we have defied the odds in a difficult economy. We have helped one in five of our sellers get their full asking price or above asking price.

Insights TeamNovember 19, 2019
New residential development launched in Parktown North

The View on First is a unique residential development in Parktown North and was officially launched on Thursday, 14 November. There are 50 x 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. Units are available from R2,499,000.

Insights TeamNovember 18, 2019
Top 10 tips to survive load shedding

You don’t have to be left in the dark! Here are some practical solutions to lessen the impact.

Insights TeamNovember 18, 2019
Flip it or flop it? Here are 7 tips to help you check if you’re ready to renovate

Taking on a renovation to update your home or getting into the business of flipping houses, is no easy task. But we have 7 tips from the pros to help you figure out if you’re a future flipper.

Insights TeamNovember 11, 2019
Disrupting the real estate industry so our clients can reap the rewards

Leadhome’s CEO Marcél du Toit participated in a debate at the Real Estate Industry Summit (REIS) on Friday 18 October. The insightful debate looked at emerging real estate seller models, including low-cost, online and fixed fee operators which challenge the way traditional real estate agencies conduct their business.

Insights TeamNovember 7, 2019
Looking to sell your home? Now could be your best time to list

Think this time of year is the worst time to get your home on the market? Our data says otherwise.

Insights TeamOctober 24, 2019
The results are an: We won the Best of Joburg 2019 Estate Agency category

With over 100 categories, Best of Joburg receives over 10 000 votes with some categories reaching over 100 000. For Leadhome to feature at this auspicious level is a wonderful accolade and something we will proudly share with our growing customer base.

Insights TeamOctober 14, 2019
Taking it down a size

Have you ever given the idea of living small a thought? With the number of documentaries and shows on our TV screens punting the American tiny home dream, we see the downsizing trend becoming more and more popular by the day.

Insights TeamOctober 14, 2019
Top 10 tips for getting your property sale-ready this spring

Now that spring is here, it’s showtime! Being sale-ready means being show-ready. So when that buyer comes a’ knocking, rest assured that with Leadhome on your side, it’s your and their bloomin’ lucky day!

Insights TeamOctober 14, 2019
Top 10 tips for new homeowners

With an upswing in homebuyer activity across the South African property market since our general elections in May, many people find themselves in that exciting, yet at times overwhelming, position of being on the brink of homeownership.

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